Line of Sight

by Stephen Martin

  In the corner of my eye today
I experienced an extraordinary life.
An educator apparent, newly made,
Teaching, directly in my line of sight.
  Sacrifices being met, I know of this...
Deep commitment young educators weigh.
Through the Gauntlet of Hope, I witnessed her
Persevering, despite naysayer's say.
  Sensing accomplishment, beholding achievement,
I paced slowly down the school corridor way.
In classroom 404, a Science Teacher performing,
Her deft talents and future on display.
  Her beaming smile, her warm embrace,
Reassuring and uplifting my spirits.
Her conscious choice to teach kids everyday,
Measuring truth through scientific lyrics.
  My tempered gait allowed a momentary view
of her attentive boys and girls.
Young students of diverse ethnicity,
She's interpreting their complex world.
  Impacting destinies, tweaking the world a bit
by teaching and shaping young lives.
Her determination returning dividends,
She's keeping her Eyes on the Prize...
  Her speech was clear, her movement framed
by the blackboard chalked behind...
Imparting learned knowledge and necessities
into her students' absorbing minds.
  I turned around, once again, to authenticate
Her new-sprung intellectual might.
A Science Teacher focused and forging ahead...
What a sight! Oh man, what a sight!


Inspired by Antoinette for all New Teachers