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There Will Come a Day

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Love You Inside And Out



...Mend A Broken Heart

I Believe In You and Me

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I'm A Woman

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        This woman can do anything! When she pulled country off I was impressed, there is no stopping her...she is incredible. She rises to the occasion EVERYTIME!  



HALLELUJAH! Man she is bloody awesome. Bloody bloody awesome. I wish I lived in America because I'd actually vote for her. She is consistent every single week with her vocals, attitude and emotion to the song. Best. Idol. Ever.


Melinda's awesome! Would've loved hear her sing It's My Life though. I hope people keep voting for her, she's amazing!


LOL love it...that's my prescription too. ps :melinda A+++++


Nursery Song Week? National Anthem Week? Flat-pack Furniture Instructions Week? Hare Krishna Chanting Week? All Handel's Messiah Backwards Week? Is there anything that will be beyond her? And she looks and sounds so real in all the genres she has so far made her own. "the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, Melinda"




"Hare Krishna Chanting Week"... LOL

You couldn't be more right! She haven't had bad vocals yet! She might have had been out of her comfort zone on latin week, but she still sang like an angel. Like always!


Hi halfcaste, I agree with you, I live in Canada and am so frustrated that I can't call in. Maybe Idol will eventually open this up internationally, wouldn't that be great, or put it on the web (surprised they haven't done that yet). Anyway, my credit card is ready for Vols. 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Best of Melinda Doolittle. We're witnessing something amazing here...


Wow...that was a great performance. She made the song her own. It was so different to Bon Jovi's style and version of the song. wow! and double wow that Bon Jovi was their mentor. crazy. I do love Bon Jovi! great job Melinda! rock could be your thing.


WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY?Why is she always so perfect? i love her so much!!!!!!!!HOHOHO

DANG! That was da bomb! She better win!!!


It's like watching one professional and five amateurs. Melinda is is a league of her own.



She is so versatile and very humble...a certified pro in the competition....and she's getting prettier too..i wanna meet her in person and be her friend...i love you meli!!!!!


She sings country music and rock better than artists of those styles. She is definitely the best believable idol I have had the pleasure to witness.


Incredible! i hope shes runnerup!


Totally amazing..


holy freaking crap she can sing ANYTHING lol.

shes gonna do so amazingly well


Touchdown!! Melinda in da house yo!! She is so cute, so professional, she transcends genres n brings soul to every single song she sings.. She is unbeatable, yet she still remains humble as ever.. Dis gurl had better win it, she definitely is able to rewrite da history of music in america!!


shes amazing


The ones that love Melinda are never tired to see her or to say that she is the Best American Idol contestant the show has ever had.

The ones that don´t like Melinda, keep trying to find something bad about her.


Go, Melinda!


Man Melinda has the PIPES! She really sang that song with ANGER!!!!! Bon Jovi really helped her with the song. He also gets some credit for making her shine.



I said it already and I will say it again...Melinda Doolittle is that performer who can take any genre and make it it her own. Sh eis not like the others who try to immitate the original artist. You dont have to sing soprano or a high pitch to do well. have reached baby! YOU HAVE ARRIVED!


We are all actually witnessing something quite special here with Melindas develpoment. She's the bomb!


Yes yes yes!! Its not abt da highest notes or da loudest voice, its abt performin n inspirin, melinda has such g8 vocal technique n showmanship she alwaes puts up a flawless performance, she has tot mi da g8ness of humility n song interpretation, melinda is my idol, da american idol!!


she is so freaking amazing. once again this performance BLEW ME AWAY. not only did she sing it amazingly, but she PERFORMED!! god shes fantastic! i hope she wins!




Melinda is the best, and this is another amazing performance. She should win but I don't trust the voting public to make the right decision. People that compare Melinda to Jordin concern me. There is nothing at all similar about them. Let us hope Jordin and Chris go home tonight.


Hi Dendog, I agree, that just like the voting public voted for Bush twice, they'll probably not put Melinda in the hot seat. Well, if that happens, can you say "Jennifer Hudson"? LOL


She gives me goose bumps when she sings. Her voice, her stage presence, her moves, ...words cannot express it. I sat there crying last night and I'm crying again watching this now. We're watching a GREAT STAR being born, I am wondering how many offers she's already gotten from record labels and rock groups... everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Tony Bennett to Diana Ross to Jon Bon Jovi have all praised her beyond belief...that has to mean something. GO MELINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This performance of hers has converted me to a fan. Impressive rendition!


This is the next Ame. Idol -- but if she limits herself to just R&B she'll be selling her abilities and her career short - Id like to hear he on the rock stations


This woman can do anything! When she pulled country off I was impressed, there is no stopping her...she is incredible. She rises to the occasion EVERYTIME!


Melinda is the best singer, great range, she can sing anything.

Melinda shinning like a diamond!!! She had the attitude that fits the lyrics of the song, yet posesses the genuine humility that shows when she's praised.


"Vocally in a different league from everyone else."

That is absolutely true. Remember, she has absolutely nailed every genre they've thrown at her -- jazz, latin, disco, country -- and now rock. Would anyone have known by her brilliant rendition of "Sway" that she would even know what to do with a Bon Jovi tune? And extra credit for choosing a newer, lesser known tune.

All votes for Melinda. Pray that she is still standing tonight.


After last night´s performance, she has proved ONCE AGAIN that there is not a genre that she can handle. She can sing ANYTHING and, the best thing is, she makes the songs her own.


Melinda is just OUT OF EVERYBODY'S LEAGUE.....too great for this show...So even if she doesnt make it to the end for whatever reasonssssss....she's already a STAR!!!!!!!


Anyone else got a fever? And the only prescription... is more cowbell?


LOL! Yeah I noticed the cowbell at the beginning, too. You can never have too much cowbell, dude! Melinda killed that song. She's awesome. Rock on girl!




She sang my least fav Bon Jovi song and made me like it more than the original! It was awesome!



You know - some people do well with rock. some do well with country. some do well with ballads. some do well with pop. SHE CAN ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF ALL OF THEM!!!

Let's have Opera Week! She'll blow that shite out of the water too!!


Go mindy doo!!


Thats the American Idol winner there! She's awesome!


In a different world...


Absolutely superb


She totally put it down like 80s Tina Turner! It really would be unfair if she doesn't win.


From a 58 year old rocker to one half my age but twice the rocker: Thank you, Tina turner can hand you the baton and the relay continues. I want to learn the guitar, get rid of my elbow crutches, join your Rock Band, Melinda, and play a little "butt-to-butt" with you, you naughty girl.


Melinda is the only reason I watch American Idol. I'm so star struck by Melinda that I actually voted for her last night for the first time. I'm unsure why because I could really care less whether she wins AI because I'm going to buy all her CD's anyway (even though I haven't purchased a CD in years). I'll be first in line to buy a ticket to her live show when she comes to my city. Melinda Rocks!


She's amazing!!!




This is the first time I'm impressed by Melinda. All this while she's been good, but this time it's raw and wild! Loved it!


INCREDIBLE!!!!!She's absolutely amazing!


This made me cry! She is so awesome!


Ditto, I voted for the first time ever. 25 times. Blake has guts and is talented but woooooo Melinda blows my speakers out. Even the band plays better with her. She's a star.


I love Lakisha, Blake and Phil, but Melinda is the best! She-s amazing every week and gives me "goose bumps"... she must be the American Idol this year!


YEAH i LOVE IT U GO GURL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How come she can sing every type of songs!!!

Oh no. Melinda is a real monster of singing!!!

Love her so much


Shes backgroung singer u have to sing all type of music !!!!!!!!!


Please... we can't vote for Melissa in the UK but we love her. She deserves to win so please vote for her everybody. She's is pure love and light.


Watch John flirting with her. He wants some brown sugar...


I was kinda worried when I heard it was Bon Jovi week, and I thought she wouldnt be able to pull it off. Boy was I wrong! She blew it out of the house with that performance! This is the mark of a true singer - to be able to transcend genres. I actually liked it even though I'm not a rock fan.


She may have doubts in the beginning, but gives more than a 100% on her performances and it showed. i think that is what makes her such a 'pro'. she knows that she has the voice and technique but not the appearance that seems to be very important to alot of ppl.

She's a great performer and has a beautiful soul, but will it be enough? i have a feeling that its not.


I bet that if she doesn't win AI Jon Bon Jovi will stand there first in line with an heck of an record deal.


Amazing. Simply fantastic.


She's Versatile! GOODLUCK Melinda!


After rewatching all Melinda's performances, I simply can't comprehend how people like Jordin more. Melinda's talent far surpasses anyone this season. She's just so fucking, seriously.


She is GOOD!! She can even sing a Bon Jovi song... I'm impressed!

Rock On!!


This woman can do anything! When she pulled country off I was impressed, there is no stopping her...she is incredible. She rises to the occasion EVERYTIME!


Melinda is the best singer, great range, she can sing anything. Jordin on the other hand has a great voice, not as good as melinda's but jordins is just so pretty and bubbly and sometimes not everyone will buy an "artists" music because of the voice.




This chick is awesome!!!


Melinda Doolittle
American Idol

She's amazing!!!

Welcome on board the rocket-ship, Pismo. Wherever you want to travel by song-drive, Melinda will take you there! This is the maddest drive I have ever been on. No amusement park on Earth has a ride that just keeps going up like this. I feel privileged to be a witness of the birth of what I am sure will be the great career of a person who will change the way music stars will be perceived for a long time. Humility and greatness DO mix.


Damnn she's a complete artist!!! I didn't expect her to ROCK!!!! GO GO MELINDA!! I wanna see who is gonna win u or Jordin!!!love boooth!!!!


SHE IS EXCELLENT. She stepped up to the plate. I love this girl. Melinda is really in a class by herself.


Melinda is going to be the idol ---an easy shot for the lady. Why? So soulful, talented, creative. She's in a different league indeed. Melinda has got it in the bag. Everyone, we got the BEST here!! I'll pay to watch her in a concert anywhere. She's ballad, soul, pop, disco, motown, gospel, jazz, latin, country, and rock too! Here's the all-around idol, just like what Kelly Clarkson can do. Both are originals!


Man this performance was frikin the best. That first not was crazy sweet!!


Melinda was so loose with rock, i enjoyed it


Best of the night... by far!


OMG She is amazing, She never never has encouraged her fans to vote for her showing the number with her fingers, and she does not need to. She is the best EVER, thank you God for giving us the privilege to listen her blessed and beautiful voice. MELINDA YOU ROCK!!!!!!