By Stephen Martin
Inspired by Kristian

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   Saving's what we all do.

      We're all responsible for the person to our left and the person to our right, each day, every day. Whether surviving a serious bus accident or the mundane crush of spooked holiday shoppers we instinctively check the Person 2 our Left, "Are you okay?" ...and the Person 2 our Right, "Are you okay?" These two people--in this specific place and at this mere moment in time--become our responsibility and under our care.
      Witnessing, recognizing and assisting fellow citizens who are in vulnerable, transitional states is what those who can, do--assist uninhibitedly. Kudos to all ordinary citizens who are hardwired to help those who need help. Thank goodness for the prompt plumber with his finger in the dike, the masterful mechanic salvaging the essence of your time; the dedicated teacher reconstructing your mind; the gifted graphic artist making your dreams come true, or the skillful surgeon warring pain, issuing health. Humbly, we're all just saving lives, side by side, daily.

"Making a Difference, Makes a Difference."  -- S. Martin